With Qnect, you can create your first society in just minutes. 

1. Fill in your society details on the home page.

(Tip. Add a logo for faster identification from your members!)

2. Sign up for an individual account.

You'll be sent a 4 digit code to verify your account.

It's that easy!

Here's how you can invite your fellow committee members to join as team members:

Click on the Team Members tab on the admin panel and hit the 'Invite New Team Members' button.

Type in the emails of your Team Members to alert them of your invitation.

Edit the Permission settings for each of your Team Members anytime.
Each areas will grant your team members access to different areas of your society.

  • Members: Import new members and export member details
  • Merch: Add and new merchandize, view orders
  • Memberships: Create, edit and manage memberships
  • Events: Create, edit and manage events, view guestlists
  • Finance: View account balance, add bank account details and initiate a pay out
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