Here's how to set up an event in just minutes on Qnect:

1. On your homepage, click the dropdown at the top right corner and select your Society.

2. Under Quick Links on the admin panel, click on Create New Event.

3. Key in the name of the event and press Enter.

4. Type in the event starting time.

5. Add in the event location, and the actual Venue Name in the fill below it.

6. Change your event image by clicking the top button on the right. 

(Tip. You can either upload your own banner or use one from our collection of free images!)

Note. If your banner has words on it, you can change the banner design style by clicking on the bottom last icon on the right and selecting 'Style 2: Cover Photo Dimensions'.

7. To add a description of your event, scroll down on the Editing page and fill it up.

8. One of the most important steps to do next is to create Ticket Types:

  • Click on the Get Ticket button > Activate Tickets > Tickets.
  • Create the ticket type needed for your event and fill in the rest of the information requested. (Step Messages' checkboxes allow you to control the specific choices for no. of tickets you want your buyer to select. Remember to tick all the options up to the number you have in mind!)
  • Under the Member's Only field, you can opt to limit the event's ticket sales to members only. Click the dropdown and select the Membership Level.
    (Tip: if you do not see any memberships, you will first need to create a membership to limit the event to a membership group or level)
  • For private events, you can add a password under the Purchase Password fill so only the password holders are able to purchase event tickets.
  •  Event organizers also are able to pass on the transaction fees(2.5% + $0.50) to event-goers or absorb them. This option can be found in the dropdown on the left. If the 'Pass on Fee' option is chosen, the ticket buyer will be charged the ticket price + transaction fee at checkout. 
  • To add a promotional code, click Add/Edit under Promo Codes and click on 'Add a promo'. Fill in the code, quantity and discount amount(which can be set to percentage or dollars off)

9. Once the above steps have been done, Publish your event click on the third icon(the one that looks like an eye) on the right to preview.

If it's good to go, click on the second icon above Preview to share the event with your members!

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