Accepting Payments (Digital and Cash)

Learn about how Get can help you with both digital and cash payments in this guide.

25. (SG) Confirmation - Payout

You've got your online shopfront page all set up and now it's time to start selling some items (event tickets/memberships/merchandise). Within the Get platform, we allow organisers the flexibility to do both digital and in-person booth payments. To get started, be sure that you have both your laptop and mobile phone with you. 

To collect digital payments, the Get platform partners with a secure third-party platform to process all transactions. We NEVER store any financial information from our users. 

Collecting Digital Payments on Get:

  1. Customers will input their card information as part of the checkout process
  2. Once payment is complete, their transaction will reflect on the "Transactions History" page located within the "Finance" tab 
  3. Customers will also receive a purchase confirmation email from Get 

26. Cash register paymentsAre you collecting cash payments? Do you have a booth setup at your event? Maybe you are allowing same-day ticket sales for a limited time? 

Get allows you to easily collect in-person cash payments using our Booth Payment feature. Read below on how to setup booth payments and how to securely transact in-person payments. 

Collecting Cash Payments on Get: 

  1. Login to Get on the desktop app & mobile app
  2. Open the desktop app first and click on "Quick Links"
  3. Click on "Collect Booth Payments
    (your landing page link should have "http://~/booth" at the end)
  4. The customer will follow the checkout process as per normal
  5. At the checkout page, select "Pay By Cash" and the total amount to be paid will be shown in your mobile app
  6. Open the Get mobile app and click on "Seller Center
  7. Your "Balance" tab IMG_1683 copy will show you the amount of cash transactions you will have to confirm. Click on it to access your Cash Register
  8. Click on the "Cash Register" icon IMG_1683 copy 2 located at the top of the screen
  9. If the cash you received tallies with the amount indicated, click "Confirm Payment" to process the transaction
  10. Customers will now receive their confirmation email from Get 
  11. Cash transactions will  be recorded within "Transactions History" report located in the "Finances" tab