Adding New Merchandise (Desktop)

Easily add in your merchandise and start selling fuss-free.

17. Create a new brand_org-1The Get Merchandise platform is your own subscription-free, e-commerce page for all your merchandising needs. We make selling merch fast, secure and fun!

Adding Merchandise to your shopfront:

  1. Login to your Get account and click on the "Merchandise" tab on the left sidebar menu
  2. Click on "List a New Merch Item" on the top right corner
  3. Give your product a Name and a short description
  4. Upload a few pictures of your product (we recommend 3-5 pictures)
  5. Input the price of your product. Choose to absorb or pass on Get's Transaction fees to your customers. 
  6. Finally, input the total number of stock you have under "Total Product Capacity". Once this hits 0, your product will be listed as "Sold Out" on your shopfront.

HERE'S A TIP! If you have multiple variants and each have different stock capacity, don't input your Total Product Capacity yet. Wait till you input the capacity of each variant, then take the summation of those numbers. That will give you the true Total Product Capacity of one product.

Have multiple designs or sizes of one product? Get allows you to create Variants under each product so that your customers can have more choice. 

Adding Variants to one product:

  1. Decide on the available categories per product and give that category a Name (most common categories include Size and Colour)
  2. Input all available Option Values and separate each value with a _space_ or comma ( , ) 
  3. Once you have input all available categories and option values, you will see a table of all possible combinations of categories and values listed below
  4. Now, you can input your prices and capacity of each individual stock
  5. Once done, remember to click "Save".

Your new merchandise item will now appear in your shopfront! Customers will now be able to visit your page and purchase merchandise directly from you. All transactions will be stored under the "Finances" tab.