Creating a new Membership Card (Desktop)

Create your own member's portal to manage your membership base

allows organisations to create their own exclusive digital membership portal. Automate your membership registration, collect membership fees, share member exclusive benefits and engage with your member base in more meaningful ways.

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Creating a new membership card (Membership Details):

  1. Login to your Get account and click on "Memberships" tab located at the left sidebar menu
  2. Click on "Create a new Membership" to start creating your first digital member card
  3. Add in details like Membership Title, Description and Price (you can have a free membership too!)
  4. If you membership has a validity period, input the corresponding Start & End dates
  5. Upload a custom image to be displayed on your membership card (dimensions should be 500 x 315 px)
  6. Click "Next" to proceed

Creating a new membership card (Card Number):

  1. Choose a unique identifier for your members 
  2. Member card numbers can be automatically generated by the system, be based on a mobile number or a student's ID number.
  3. Click "Next" to proceed 

TIP: Want to use a custom identifier? We allow organisations to dictate their own custom alpha-numeric identifier for their members. Example: SMITH12345

Creating a new membership card (Membership Form):

  1. Collect additional information you need from your members by inputting custom questions 
  2. Questions can have various formats (open-ended answers, drop-downs, multiple choice, or checkbox)
  3. Add new questions by clicking the "+" icon located at the right of the table
  4. Choose if certain questions should be compulsory to answer by checking the "Required" option at the bottom right corner of the question form
  5. Click "Next" to proceed 


Creating a new membership card (Privacy Clause):

  1. Use Get's default Privacy Clause or put in your own Privacy Clause 
  2. All members who sign up will have to read and accept the terms of the Privacy Clause stated before proceeding on to the last stage
  3. Click "Next" to proceed


TIP: Don't have a Privacy Clause? Click on "Disable Privacy Clause" located at the bottom of the screen to hide this notification whenever a member signs up. 

Creating a new membership card (Card Benefits and Deals):

  1. Enter in exclusive Partner Deal Title and short description of benefits below
  2. Change the corresponding icon by clicking "Add Deal Banner". Choose from pre-selected icons, or upload a custom icon
  3. Click on "Save Changes" and proceed to add in multiple partner deals (if necessary)
  4. Click "Next" to proceed

TIP: Don't have any partner deals to add? Don't worry! Simply move straight to the Confirmation Stage.

Creating a new membership card (Card Benefits and Deals):

  1. Input a personalised welcome message
  2. Members will receive this message in email and SMS notification once they successfully sign up for a membership
  3. Click "Finish and Close


Congratulations! Your new membership card is now available to purchase on your shopfront!