Creating an Event (Desktop)

Easily create a simple landing page to direct your guests to purchase tickets for your event

Creating a new event: 

  1. Login to your Get account
  2. Click on "Create New" drop down and click "New Event
  3. Enter your Event Title, Date and Location of your event 
  4. Click on the "Landscape" icon Screenshot 2019-12-05 at 2.15.33 PM located at the right sidebar menu to change your background picture 
  5. Scroll down to add a short Event Description (you can add up to 3 description tabs)
  6. Start creating Ticket Tiers by clicking the "Create Tickets" button (more information down below)
  7. Preview your event page by clicking on the "Eye" icon Screenshot 2019-12-05 at 2.24.30 PM
  8. Once you're happy with the look of your event page, click on "Publish the event" to make this event page live
  9. Share this event page on your social media pages, or through messaging channels by clicking on the "Paper Plane" icon Screenshot 2019-12-05 at 2.21.54 PM 

Guide to creating Ticket Tiers:

1. Absorb Fees or Pass on Fees 

Choose to absorb or pass on ticket transaction fees to your guest: 

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2. Creating Ticket Types

  1. Input a Name for your first ticket tier and click "Create Ticket Type"
    1. Input a the total number of tickets that can be sold for this category under "Qty Limit"
    2. Input the Ticket Price ($)
    3. Include a short description for this ticket type so that guests know what they are purchasing
    4. Optional Features:
      1. *Members Only* (optional) - this feature was created for Member-Exclusive ticket sales. You must have a membership card on Get to enable this feature. 
      2. *Purchase Password* (optional) - enable this feature to create an exclusive ticket type. Only guests who input the special password stated here will be able to purchase this ticket type.If you have a limited sales period, make sure to input the Start and End date. After the end date and time, sales for this ticket tier will close.


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3. Introduction to Steps Bundling 

Steps is Get's bundling feature. We allow organisations to bundle up to 20 tickets. If you would like to create a bundle of tickets for group purchases (e.g. Family of 4), follow these steps:

  1. Under the specific ticket tier, click on the Steps dropdown list
  2. Choose the exact number of tickets to offer in the bundle. (e.g. choosing 4 as ticket tier is specifically for Families of 4)
  3. De-select all other options, ensuring only number 4 is selected

NOTE: If you are offering bundle options, do set the Price to be calculated as an individual ticket.

E.g. Family of 4 bundle is to be priced at $100.00 in total, I should set my price to be $100.00 / 4= $25.00.


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4. Adding Promo Codes

  1. Click "Add/Edit" Promo Codes
  2. Add in a unique Coupon Code (no spaces or symbols)
  3. Choose to apply this Promo Code to All Tickets, or specific Ticket Tiers by selecting the options in the "Applies To" dropdown menu (you must have your ticket tiers created first)
  4. Indicate Total Number of Promo Codes available under "Quantity" (once all promo codes have been used up, new guests will no longer be able to enjoy these promo codes during checkout)
  5. Finally, input the Discount Amount and choose between "Percentage Off" or "Dollar Amount" 
  6. Add multiple Promo Codes by clicking the "Add a promo" button located at the bottom
  7. Once you've input all promo codes, click "Save" to be re-directed back to the ticket tiers

NOTE: We do not track how many promo codes have been used, nor how many are remaining. 

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5. Tickets Allowed Per Transaction Order

To prevent scalping of tickets to popular events, organisers are able to set a minimum and maximum number of tickets allowed per transaction. This restriction will be set across ALL ticket tiers. 

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6. Collecting Additional Guest Information

With each ticket purchased, Get helps organisations automatically ask for a Customer's Name, Email and Phone Number & Student ID (optional).

However, we understand that organisations might require more information from their customers. Thus, we allow organisations to create their very own questionnaire by using Guest Information. 

  1. Click on "Guest Information" on the top navigation panel
  2. Input your custom questions & decide on an answer format (open-ended answers, drop-downs, multiple choice, or checkbox)
  3. Add new questions by clicking the "+" icon located at the right of the table
  4. Choose if certain questions should be compulsory to answer by checking the "Required" option at the bottom right corner of the question form
  5. Click on "Proceed to Checkout"


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7. Personalised Message in Order Summary

Finally, you can customise your Thank You message to your customer once they have completed their transaction. The message will be shown once on their confirmation screen and in their ticket email which they will receive after the transaction is successful. 

To exit the page, click on the "x" at the top right corner of the box. 

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