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All about the Get Wallet and how to process payouts into your bank account!

Get Wallet is an easy way for you to manage your transactions and purchases without having to use a credit card. You can use funds in your Get Wallet to pay for tickets and merchandise from any of our partner organisations, and you can securely transact out any amount from your Get Wallet straight into your bank account! 

Accessing your Get Wallet: 

  1. Download the Get Mobile App and create your account (https://help.useget.com/knowledge/creating-my)
  2. Login to the Get Mobile App using your phone number and unique verification code
  3. Navigate to your "Get Account"
  4. Click on the "Wallet" icon 

Your Wallet Balance will be shown at the top of the screen. The currency shown will be registered in your country's currency denomination. 

Get currently allows users to payout any amount within your Balance to your attributed local bank account. 

Processing a payout to your local bank account: 

  1. Enter your local bank account details
  2.  Click on "Payout to Local Bank Account"
  3. Key in the amount you wish to payout and click "Payout"

Your requested payout amount will be transferred to your attributed local bank account within 2-3 business days, and the transaction will be reflected in your monthly bank statement under our registered business entity "Qnect Pte Ltd". 

NOTE: Purchasing tickets or merchandise using Get Wallet Funds will be coming in March 2020! Keep a look out for it!